AI Roundtable Discussion – Episode 1 : – Artificial Intelligence and Pedestrian Behaviour Prediction

This article is part of our roundtable discussions that explore Artificial intelligence applications.

Phd Researcher Lina Achaji presenting her application of Artificial Intelligence to Pedestrian Behaviour Prediction through the Online Roundtable Discussion.

On April 10th 2021, a team of Artificial Intelligence Phd Researchers from Middle East have launched their first episode of roundtable discussions regarding the applications of Artificial Intelligence technology. Their first discussion investigated the implications of this innovative technology on Pedestrian Behaviour Prediction as part of autonomous driving cars’ functionalities. To better understand this application, Lina Achaji, a first year Phd Student at the Inria Nancy-Grand Est Research Centre and Stellantis, has gladly presented it through our AI discussion. The discussion moderated by Natasha Alkhatib was attended by Phd Researchers who are currently applying Artificial Intelligence to different use-cases, namely Chadi Helwe, Iman Hmedoush and Ahmad Chamma.

Pedestrian Behaviour Prediction

A Waymo robotaxi being tested in San Francisco. | Photo Credit: Waymo.

An autonomous vehicle driving in an area with a large number of pedestrians needs a huge amount of knowledge about the current and general behaviour of the pedestrians in the environment. To completely drive autonomously, it is essential that the automobile gets able to understand behavioural patterns and forecast future behaviour and location of pedestrians. A lot of research work has been addressed in this field whether in Research Labs or in Business Companies . For instance , Waymo an autonomous driving technology development company, has recently launched an open dataset challenge to encourage research teams in their work on behaviour and prediction.  Hence, without accurately predicting the behavior of pedestrians, cars won’t be fully autonomous. With this motivation, the Phd Researcher Lina Achaji shares her work.

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